Fast Phobia Therapy

The Gentle Way To Remove a Phobia Without Needing To Face Your Fear

I work with all phobias, some of the most common phobias I work with successfully are – driving, dogs, spiders, health phobias and claustrophobia and many more

Alan came to me with claustrophobia… “I got in the lift yesterday and it was a resounding success!”

I Work With You To Remove Your Phobias

When you suffer with a phobia you are in the hands of a tyrant. There are some places you won’t be able to go, some activities you can’t enjoy, fear can dog your steps every day even when the trigger is not actually present. What if it is just around the corner?

And it is often embarrassing. People make fun of you. Or upset you by trying to explain it away with logic, just as if you don’t already know it’s an irrational fear!

Whatever keeps you afraid, living a smaller life than you want you can bring it to me. Even if you think it’s too difficult to cure. Don’t worry if you don’t see it mentioned on this page. Whatever your particular phobia, my methods can resolve it.

For a large part of my life as an adult I suffered from anxiety and depression. As I look back on that time now, probably a total of ten or twelve years in total, it feels as if that condition stole those years from me. I found  no effective treatment. I just had to endure it and wait until it had run its course. At one time I had a phobia of dying! Of me or anyone dying.

Now that’s a tricky one! No-one can say nobody is going to die, ever!

Now, I’m afraid of nothing. Because I have the tools to remove anything that crops up.
Yes, life happens, things may arise that disturb me but I feel bulletproof because I have everything I need to resolve it fast and permanently.

And that’s the gift I want to give to you.

Do you want your phobia to steal years of your life? If, instead, you want to be afraid of nothing then take the first step and book a free call so that I can find out more about your problem and you can ask any questions you have. After all, what have you got to lose? If you don’t take that first step do you have a Plan B? What will be different in a year’s time, in 5 year’s time? No-one grows out of a phobia!

I use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy to get fast and permanent results. And I offer self-help training so you, too, can feel bulletproof.

David is an award-winning photographer with a fear of public speaking. After working with me he’s now on the BBC and has applied for a job in marketing! He’s the one on the right.

How Phobias Work

And can my specific phobia be eliminated?

You’ve probably already realised that your phobia cannot be eradicated by trying to think your way out of it. Using your conscious mind to rationalise.

If it were you’d have had a word with yourself and got it sorted by now! Read on to find out the truth about phobias.

Instead the problem lies in the unconscious mind. That part whose job is to keep you alive. It tells your heart to beat, keeps you breathing and blinking. And, when something shocks or upsets you, it says, ‘That must never happen again!’

This is how a problem arises. The unconscious mind has no ability to work things out. It’s exactly like a Facebook algorithm! And you know how foolish they can be… rejecting things that there is nothing wrong with. Just like a phobia. 

It works on a simple trigger and response system. You see, or think there could be the risk of, a spider and that triggers the extreme fear response. No questions asked! 

Ok. That’s how they work. But can it be eliminated? 

Absolutely! You have this problem because somewhere in the deeper parts of your mind you were set up with this response as protection. Sometime in the past something triggered fear and that became associated with an insect or animal, heights, water, needles, flying or anything at all. Anything! Even buttons!

Because it was never about spiders it was always about protection. 

 The skills I’ve learned mean I know where to find the settings menu. And when we’ve done a factory reset the reason for your problem ceases to exist. All that remains is some tidying up and then you are free of that irrational fear for life. 

How Does This Approach Work?

The root of any mind-body problem lies in the unconscious mind, where something that occurred in your past has caused a glitch – like a computer virus, you might say. That glitch is firing off whenever your problem is presenting. You cannot control or stop it yourself. We find the reason for that glitch and resolve it. Boom! No more computer virus. No more problem.

Safety  And Confidentiality

You may be wondering how safe it is for someone to be going into your mind and fiddling about. Is it some kind of mind control? Will I know what’s happening?

Whichever tools we are using you will find it pleasant and perfectly unobtrusive. Afterwards most clients speak of feeling lighter, or more free. I work in a way that avoids any emotional distress even if the problem is rooted in past trauma.

As a trained professional total confidentiality is practised at all stages. In fact, much of the treatment takes place contentless, where any detail of memories or situations stays in your head. I don’t need to know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work by fooling my mind into believing my problem is solved?
An interesting question. No, it’s quite the opposite, actually. It is your unconscious mind that is already fooled into creating the problem. The treatment returns your mind to the truth of it.
What is the difference between NLP/hypnotherapy and counselling?
Counselling, CBT, psychotherapy all work with your conscious mind. In all cases where a probem has persisted it is being created by the unconscious mind. This is where it can be fixed. NLP and hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind to isolate and then resolve the original cause.
Will working by video call be as effective as in person?
My training includes building rapport and an intuitive connection that works even when we are not together. So there is no loss of effectiveness. My voice, my focus and my intention is perfectly sufficient for what we need to achieve.
What if I can't be hypnotised?
Hypnosis is not the only tool I will use. But when it is used for healing purposes it is not the same as stage hypnosis. It’s more like a guided meditation in experience. It has much more power than a meditation but will feel just as pleasant and easy to follow. There’s no possibility of you being unable to just listen and relax.
Are NLP and hypnotherapy effective techniques?

There are two types of therapies. Those that are intended to help you manage your problem. This kind leaves you with the problem but helps you to cope better. 
The second type is intended to remove the problem for good. NLP, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques are therapies that remove your problem. No more battling every day with that issue.  These methods are fast and permanent.

How can we reach the unconscious mind? Is it even possible?
Yes, indeed. I have techniques for doing just that. You can leave all that in my hands. All you need to do is be willing. Willing to let go of the problem, willing to follow my guidance. Willing to accept it does work! Once we are connected with the UM we will use images, colours and feelings to communicate.

Remember, every one of my clients wondered if it would work! You can read their testimonials around the site.

Archie (8yrs) worried all day about being sick now his mum says… “At night when we chat he can seldom find anytime he’s been worried in the day.”

Update from Mum for Needle Phobia

Case Study – Rat Phobia

When I first met Angela she could not even speak about rats. 

A couple of days later I got a call from her. On the coming Saturday she was due to join a fund raising expedition to the Himalayas. However she had just been told by a colleague who had done the same trip that while camping on the slopes there are rodent-like creatures that would come into the tents at night! 

Angela was caught between a rock and a very hard place. She booked an emergency session with me for the next day. 

After only  90 minutes she accompanied me on a pre-arranged visit to the pet shop where she actually touched a rat! 

She was free to enjoy her climb.

 From First Free Session It Was Good Value For Money…

“Even from the first two free sessions this programme was good value for money! Linda explained how a phobia happens and showed me a practical way it can be resolved.

Those unpaid sessions really worked for me. They gave me my running shoes so I was on the starting blocks at the start of my first session. The programme was based on both teaching and working together. I feel Linda taught me how to fix my own problem.

She demonstrated how going back in time, even to birth, can resolve certain problems. And now she’s equipped me with a toolbelt of techniques and skills that have put me back in full control of my mind and mood.

I’ve already recommended her to a friend and would tell anyone considering booking not to hesitate.”


Gary Kirby, Claustrophobia

I Never Thought I’d Be Able To Overcome This….

Before working with Linda I would start to feel panic before coming downstairs in the morning. And If I saw a spider I would be terrified, feel sweaty and as If I couldn’t cope. If no one else was there to take it away I’d become hysterical and worked up. I never thought I’d be able to overcome this problem.

But after the Phobia to Freedom programme I feel completely calm and relaxed when I see a spider and can even deal with them myself. Moths also used to be a problem but no longer trouble me at all.

It’s amazing being able to feel independent. I no longer need someone else to be in the house. I can even use the bathroom in the night!

Everything we did had an impact on the problem and it’s allowed me to fully be who I am. It’s definitely changed me as a person and didn’t expect that.

I’d highly recommend Linda. With her help I’ve realised anything is possible.

Natasha J. Wolverhampton, Spider Phobia

Case Study – Dog Phobia

My client told me if he was any closer to a dog than 10 to 15ft he would be anxious and his heart would race. He’d been raised in India where he was always afraid of the stray dogs that would bark and maybe chase him.

But now his young daughter wants a dog!

It’s time to get rid of this problem for good. At the beginning of the programme he did wonder if it would be possible. But he was commited to seeing it through and kept an open and hopeful mind throughout our sessions.

Once we started working together he says he’s never experienced anything like the way we work before.

And now, for the first time in his life, he has the confidence to voluntarily face being close to a dog. You can see just how close he can be in the photo! Look how relaxed and happy he is.

R.D. Hampshire

After One Hour I Felt Better…

It’s amazing how I’ve gone from not being able to say the word or see a picture to stroking and cuddling a pet rat. They are quite cute actually. There’s no fear or panic now. I feel comfortable even about discovering a wild rat in the house. The first session was a big breakthrough. After only one hour I felt a lot better. If your phobia is impacting your life I would highly recommend Linda.

Lucy Scarfe, Rat Phobia

It’s Nothing Like You Think…

Highly recommend seeking Linda’s help if you’re looking to get your life back on track. It’s nothing like you think but in a good way. I was made to feel at ease in every session. So many different techniques and coping mechanisms I had never even heard of.

Super knowledgeable and very empathetic.

Allan Young, Panic Attacks

A Very Child Friendly Approach…

Linda has a very child friendly approach. It was so much better than his psychology appointment. Everything was about working with Hubert in his mind and on his thinking. Letting him see he was capable of changing his thinking. Linda put him in charge of himself. Hubert says he just doesn’t think about it any more. All worries are gone. I would 100% recommend Linda to everyone.

Sylwia Danielewicz, Son - Fear of Choking

I Felt Hopeless And Quite Desperate…

When I first contacted Linda I felt hopeless and quite desperate. I would try anything. I became immediately hopeful when Linda told me she only works with people with whom she believes she can be successful, to avoid disappointment. And she was willing to work with me!

I began to feel a part of the problem had gone, by the second session which was really encouraging. We covered quite a lot of things in each session without it being overwhelming.

Now when driving I feel confident, carefree and more than capable. If you’re considering booking with Linda just go for it. Each session is more than simply two people talking. The way she works opens your mind to new ways of thinking.

Maisie Read, Fear of Driving

I Wish I Hadn’t Waited So Long…

The way Linda changed my mindset was amazing. And I can apply it to other things in life. It’s been a massive learning for me. I’ve shared the free techniques with family and it’s worked for them too.

I wish I hadn’t waited so long! I can highly recommend Linda.

Joanne Lloyd, Public Speaking

I Knew We Were Going To Be Alright…

I thought Linda wouldn’t be able to help me. I’m one of the most unwilling people. But then we reached a point where I knew we were going to be alright. If Linda can help me she can help anyone!

EB. Driving Phobia

How Fast It Worked!….

The programme was unbelievably successful. I can’t believe how fast it worked! I’ve been able to test my fear and it is absolutely fine.

It was so easy to relate to Linda even though it was a video call. Linda is a lovely, kind, compassionate person and it comes across.

Sammy Palfrey, Fear of the Dark

I Thought It Couldn’t Be Solved…

Before I worked with Linda I thought it couldn’t be solved. After the first or second session I realised it could! You just have to persevere and keep your mind in the right place. The 1:1 sessions are really good and more effective than you expect them to be. If I use what I’ve learned it does make a difference. It’s important to do things the way you want to be doing it. I don’t have to take a shower every time I’ve been out. I’m able to eat out and enjoy it. I’m feeling different about germs, I realise they are not everywhere.

R.W. Fear of Germs

Now I’m Watching Rats On Instagram!..

When I first started working with Linda I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. There was a rat in the loft and that made me sleep downstairs. I couldn’t watch rats on TV, it made me panic. I’d have to cover my eyes. After the first session I felt so much better.

Now I’ve completely changed my outlook on rats. Now I’m watching rats on Instagram and considering getting one as a pet. I never thought we’d get to this point.

Linda is a very easy person to talk to and I was always relaxed after the session. I believe we’ve been successful because whenever Linda noticed progress was slowing she would move to a different technique.

LS, Rat Phobia

Get The Right Therapist…

I’ve had therapy before and feel it’s important to get the right therapist. From our initial chat something clicked between Linda and me. Her Treasure Chest is brilliant. It gives you tools to use that help you to adapt.

It is, of course, a learning curve. And it’s important to implement in everyday life any changes that have been made.

I feel relaxed about cats now and will be able to go on holiday to Argentina, where there are stray cats that wander into the restaurants, without a qualm.

Charlotte Bones, Cat Phobia

You Can’t Give Up…

It might take time but eventually it will go away. I promise you. You have to be committed and do what Linda tells you to do.

Linda is very good. If you feel a bit of panic sometimes, it will go away. Just stick with it. You can’t give up because then you won’t get rid of it. I’m very very grateful. My mum and my teacher say there’s been a big change.

Delilah age 10, Emetophobia

By the second week I knew it was working…

I didn’t think it would work at first. By the second week I knew it was working. It’s easy to talk to Linda and she knew a lot about my phobia. Now I’m looking forward to going with friends to an escape room. I could never have done that before.

And it’s nice to be like everyone else. I feel safe doing normal things now.

RM, Claustrophobia

This is going to be too hard.

At first I was sceptical and not sure anything could make me better. But after the first session I did feel a shift in mental strength and by the third session it was a relief to be making progress.

For a long time I’d been standing still, I’d given up, just taking the easy option. But from then on it was one step after another. It felt easy, comfortable and manageable. With Linda’s help I’ve changed how it used to make me feel.

S.K., Fear of Going Places

I didn’t think I’d get better

At the beginning Aoife had high anxiety, couldn’t sleep in her room if she’d seen a spider and would run away and scream if she saw one in the house. She was also bothered by bees and wasps.

This is what she says about the treatment.

At the start I didn’t understand what the techniques would do. I do now though! They’ve stopped the fear. Now I don’t mind spiders at all. I haven’t run away and screamed for a few weeks. I can sleep in my room if I’ve seen one and basically I don’t care about spiders at all. Recently a bee flew in my face and I just wafted it away.

Linda is very nice and explains everything well and I’d like to thank her for making me better.

Aoife Mallon, Spider Phobia

No Nightmares

At first I was cautiously optimistic. It seemed like it could work. In fact I was quite surprised at how well some of the techniques worked. Since working on anger from a trauma in my younger years I’ve not even thought about it. It’s not been in my mind at all. I’ve even come to see my phobia as a bit silly which is quite a nice shift. It reduces my reactions. Every scenario involving sickness has felt better.

With phobias everything is worth trying so I’d say give it a go.

Alice Seekins, Emetophobia

Linda is a truly remarkable practitioner who not only asks the right questions but listens to the right answers. I love working with her and so will you.

Simon Walker


I Would Never Have Been Able To Do This…

“Hi, I am Jianguo. I have had a public speaking phobia for decades. I read many relevant books and have seen a few psychologists. The phobia did not go away.

I was so lucky I met Linda. She dug very deeply into the phobia and figured out the approach that was just right for me. Now, after only 5 sessions, I’ve given a talk at a business meeting with three new faces. And I talked to them later, doing both very confidently.

I would never have been able to do this before our sessions. My boss told me my presence and speaking were amazing. Linda has lifted me out of that persistent public speaking phobia.”

Janguo Yan, public speaking phobia

I Was Sceptical…

“During the first session I was sceptical. Then before my next session I decided to open my mind. From then on all the techniques worked. The work I did with Linda took away a huge and unnecessary fear. I became able to see how silly it was and now can lead a normal life.

I’m so pleased to have gained some tools I can use myself to ensure that I’m able to manage my mind and mood in most situations.

At the start my problem was a big thunderstorm in my mind. Now it’s clear skies.”


Madeleine Chivers, Fear of Pregnancy

That Feeling Is Gone Forever…

Linda was really great, she has a lovely warm personality, she is very authentic and I felt very much at ease with her. She is an experienced, intuitive worker.

After we finished I felt a new sense of relief. The emotional attachment I had, the discomfort I felt was gone and I felt totally at ease. It has been several weeks since then and I still feel the same, that uncomfortable feeling is gone forever.

Linda is absolutely fantastic, she is very experienced and she gives 100% to every session. I would recommend her to anyone.


LH,Irrational Fear of Spending Money

I Feel So Fortunate To Have Met You…

“Natasha told me that whenever she had to face a needle she would panic,  scream and shake. She would feel light- headed as if she was going to faint and would not keep still, hold out her arm or look away.

After a few hours work together this is what she says about a blood test…

“I got it done! And on my first attempt! It wasn’t the smoothest blood test, had to be done a second time but I didn’t feel any of that and I still didn’t look! My partner was very helpful while we waited and I was able to maintain a calm state. I used everything you taught me and I just feel so fortunate to have met you at this time in my life.

Thank you so much for everything.”

Natasha Williams, Needle Phobia

I Never Felt Judged…

My sessions with Linda were really calm and helpful. I never felt judged and was never anxious before an appointment, instead I was excited. At first I couldn’t understand how just talking could take away my fear which was so strong.

Then I discovered it’s not just talking! Instead it’s like watching a show but you have the remote and can choose how it works out.

Molly Smith, Fear of Dying

Life Changing…

“It’s been life-changing. I now feel equipped to deal with life. After each session I could jump over a car!”

Catherine Hollins, Health Anxiety

In Five Hours It’s Gone…

“Most people with a spider Phobia think it’s part of them. Not possible to unpick that. But it absolutely is!

I had 40 years of suffering and now in 5 hours it’s gone!

Clare Doherty, Spider Phobia

It’s Gone Beyond My Expectations…

“Whenever Beth needed to go to a dentist, hospital even to visit or GP surgery she would panic and want to get out of that situation. If she had to have a needle procedure she would alsoget sweaty hands, cry or sob, her feet would squirm and she’d fiddle with her hands. Like a child.

We were able to visit some of the experiences in her childhood and resolve the trauma that child version had felt. Now she is capable of being an adult in all situations.

Beth says,” I thought everyone was afraid of the dentist. I didn’t know it was possible to have no anxiety! Now I have no anxiety about any needle procedure. During the programme I was able to build up a toolbelt of strategies to eliminate any anxiety that might crop up in any situation. Linda hasn’t just taken away the phobia and let me go off, she’s  given me things to help with all situations. It’s gone beyond my expectations.”


Beth Sutherland, Medical Anxiety and Needle Phobia

Working With You Was A Revelation!…

Just to let you know that I successfully drove on the motorway last week! I am so grateful that I was guided to you and immensely thankful for your skills that helped so much. Working with you was a pleasure and a revelation! Wishing you every success in your future.

Teresa O'Neill, Driving Phobia

You Notice It’s All Changed...

I used to have to talk to myself before going on a walk “Come on Olivia, there’s nothing to be scared of.” At first I didn’t think you could get rid of my problem working online. But you can!

Now when I go to a place where there are dogs running loose I’m saying “Oh look at that cute dog”! As you’re doing the session it might not seem to be doing anything but then when you see the thing you’re afraid of you notice it’s all changed!

Now I’m getting a puppy just 3 weeks after finishing the programme.

Olivia Allman (15), Dog Phobia

Linda Was Never Judgemental…

I felt extremely relaxed in all the sessions with Linda. No pressure at any time. At first I felt she might not understand how bad my social phobia was but I didn’t need to worry. In the first session Linda began with casual conversation and that allowed me to settle down.

The work we did together allowed me to delve into areas that had been closed. Linda made it possible for me to work this out for myself while she just supported me. She never pushed me but allowed me to work at my own pace.

Linda was never judgmental, always very understanding. I would highly recommend working with her.

Cassie Norrish, Social Phobia and Public Speaking

Was It Going To Work…

In my first session what we did was unexpected and I wondered if it was going to work. But it definitely does!

I was able to test it and find those anxiety feelings and panic had disappeared. You can just have confidence that it will work. Because it does. Have faith in yourself too.

RM. Fear of Animals

Linda Creates A New Pattern Of Thinking…

Linda is very good at exploring your unconscious views and she can then unfold that doubt and create a new pattern of thinking.

No matter how I tried I couldn’t get to that myself.

She can make people feel at ease. Even when it’s hard to see what’s wrong she can navigate through that. I would highly recommend you get her to help.

Karolina, Driving Phobia

Something Had Changed…

I used to freak out when I saw a dog and now I’m not scared at all. Before we started I didn’t think my problem could be solved. The sessions were helpful and gradually I could tell something had changed. Now I’ve got everything I wanted from the programme.

Imogen Davidson (11) Dog Phobia

OCD Gone After 30 Years!..

At first I was a bit nervous about the process but that soon dissipated. Linda has a very easy manner. Amongst my problems was OCD that I’d had for 30 years. Now it’s gone! I never expected it to go. My previous reactions to travel are now all resolved.

J. Davey, Travel Fear

Gained Valuable Skills…

From the first moment I spoke with Linda I felt calm and confident that I could share my inner most thoughts and fears with her. Linda has a gentle but effective approach which helped me to feel supported, encouraged and listened to.

Prior to my sessions with Linda I thought about spiders at least once every hour, of every day. As I said to Linda in my consultation, “I would let Hitler into my home to remove a spider”. I had adapted my life around avoiding spiders and felt trapped and anxious most of the time.

Linda has helped me to free myself from this burden and I now go about my day feeling very neutral about spiders, much like any other insect or bug. Linda adapted her way of working to suit my needs and allowed me to have great input in the work we did, such as removing a toy spider from my bath with a glass. Linda’s tools and Lewis’ videos have allowed me to change my thinking about not only spiders but other intrusive and often unkind thoughts about myself and I am so grateful for my new freedom.

I will continue to use these tools and feel I have not only been freed from a phobia but I have gained valuable skills which I will use for life.

Emily, Spider Phobia

It’s A Complete Package

Richard had had this problem for 10 years where he would feel light headed, arms out of control and a stomach rush. 5 years ago it got worse. Now that he’s finished the course this is what he says…

At the beginning I was dubious about whether this would work because I’d tried many other things and they had not. I was living in avoidance mode, rearranging every route and avoiding motorways. I even thought I might have this problem until I stopped driving.

I think what worked about this programme is the sheer breadth of what we did. Also Linda gave me a tool kit to use that immediately put me in control. So it’s a complete package where every element has its use.

For anyone considering booking I’d say definitely give it a go and be completely open-minded. Be prepared for it to be a process.

Richard, Driving phobia

Now if it happens, it happens!


At first I didn’t think it would work. So the first thing that worked was I stopped dreaming about anybody being sick. I’ve got ways now to calm myself from the Treasure Chest so I don’t worry about it at all.

If I got a stomach ache now I would think if it happens, it happens!

A. B. Age 14, Emetophobia

You’ve changed a life.


Before my phobia sessions began, I had a phobia of slugs. I had it for about as long as I could remember and it was becoming difficult to step out of the house when it rained. I remember a feeling of utter terror at the thought of seeing a slug.

On my first impression of Linda and the Phobia Therapy Course, I was vaguely sceptical. How, I thought, could nine forty-minute sessions revert something that had started nine years ago?

It turns out I spoke too soon – my first impression was completely wrong. In our first ever session, Linda established that the sessions were more of helping me overcome my phobia – and that she also wished to help me.

At the end of just that session, more work had been done in forty minutes than in the past nine years. I was still scared, but less so, and I understood why.

Over the next nine weeks, I progressively was scared less and was impressed more. The techniques, reasoning and explanations felt professional (and they worked.) in italics please.
Now that phobia is a minor fear or discomfort, and I have Linda to thank for it.

For anyone considering booking sessions, I would strongly recommend doing so. The course/sessions work and the people are very kind.

“HE WALKED STRAIGHT OUT OF THE DOOR on a very rainy day to get to his drum lesson”

Finn, Age 12

I thought anxiety was normal


My experience with Linda was wonderful. At the beginning I was a little apprehensive as I didn’t think it would work for me, I thought that it was normal to live with these anxieties. I found the sessions very relaxing and comforting and I really looked forward to them. I found Linda’s approach and techniques super helpful in debunking my negative thoughts and anxieties.

I also noticed a big difference in my reactions to stressful situations very quickly. When I feel any sort of anxiety I can use these fantastic tools that I have been given. I would highly recommend Linda she really listens to you and does everything to help you. Thank you so much.


Nadine Rabbatt, Anxiety/Fears

I was better around wasps


I was sceptical at first but after a couple of sessions I could tell I was better around wasps. I could keep calm and keep a level head. The Pause from the Treasure Chest helped a lot. And EFT made a considerable difference. So even if you’re sceptical book in and just keep going.

Cheryl Baldwin, Wasps

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