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Fast Phobia Therapy

The Gentle Way To Remove a Phobia Without Needing To Face Your Fear

Alan came to me with claustrophobia… “I got in the lift yesterday and it was a resounding success!”

I Work With You To Remove Your Phobias

Life is not a rehearsal. This is your one life. Why live it afraid?

When you suffer with a phobia you are in the hands of a tyrant. There are some places you won’t be able to go, some activities you can’t enjoy, fear can dog your steps every day even when the trigger is not actually present. What if it is just around the corner?

And it is often embarrassing. People make fun of you. Or upset you by trying to explain it away with logic, just as if you don’t already know it’s an irrational fear!

Whatever keeps you afraid, living a smaller life than you want you can bring it to me. Even if you think it’s too difficult to cure. Don’t worry if you don’t see it mentioned on this page. Whatever your particular phobia, my methods can resolve it.

For a large part of my life as an adult I suffered from anxiety and depression. As I look back on that time now, probably a total of ten or twelve years in total, it feels as if that condition stole those years from me. I found  no effective treatment. I just had to endure it and wait until it had run its course. At one time I had a phobia of dying! Of me or anyone dying.

Now that’s a tricky one! No-one can say nobody is going to die, ever!

Now, I’m afraid of nothing. Because I have the tools to remove anything that crops up.
Yes, life happens, things may arise that disturb me but I feel bulletproof because I have everything I need to resolve it fast and permanently.

And that’s the gift I want to give to you.

Do you want your phobia to steal years of your life? If, instead, you want to be afraid of nothing then take the first step and book a free call so that I can find out more about your problem and you can ask any questions you have. After all, what have you got to lose? If you don’t take that first step do you have a Plan B? What will be different in a year’s time, in 5 year’s time? No-one grows out of a phobia!

I use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy to get fast and permanent results. And I offer self-help training so you, too, can feel bulletproof.


How Phobias Work

And can my specific phobia be eliminated?

You’ve probably already realised that your phobia cannot be eradicated by trying to think your way out of it. Using your conscious mind to rationalise.

If it were you’d have had a word with yourself and got it sorted by now! Read on to find out the truth about phobias.

Instead the problem lies in the unconscious mind. That part whose job is to keep you alive. It tells your heart to beat, keeps you breathing and blinking. And, when something shocks or upsets you, it says, ‘That must never happen again!’

This is how a problem arises. The unconscious mind has no ability to work things out. Exactly like a Facebook algorithm! And you know how foolish they can be… rejecting things that there is nothing wrong with. Just like a phobia. 

It works on a simple trigger and response system. You see, or think there could be the risk of, a spider and that triggers the extreme fear response. No questions asked! 

Ok. That’s how they work. But can it be eliminated? 

Absolutely! You have this problem because somewhere in the deeper parts of your mind you were set up with this response as protection. Sometime in the past something triggered fear and that became associated with an insect or animal, heights, water, needles, flying or anything at all. Anything!

Because it was never about spiders it was always about protection. 

 The skills I’ve learned mean I know where to find the settings menu. And when we’ve done a factory reset the reason for your problem ceases to exist. All that remains is some tidying up and then you are free of that irrational fear for life. 

How Does This Approach Work?

The root of any mind-body problem lies in the unconscious mind, where something that occurred in your past has caused a glitch – like a computer virus, you might say. That glitch is firing off whenever your problem is presenting. You cannot control or stop it yourself. We find the reason for that glitch and resolve it. Boom! No more computer virus. No more problem.

Safety  And Confidentiality

You may be wondering how safe it is for someone to be going into your mind and fiddling about. Is it some kind of mind control? Will I know what’s happening?

Whichever tools we are using you will find it pleasant and perfectly unobtrusive. Afterwards most clients speak of feeling lighter, or more free. I work in a way that avoids any emotional distress even if the problem is rooted in past trauma.

As a trained professional total confidentiality is practised at all stages. In fact, much of the treatment takes place contentless, where any detail of memories or situations stays in your head. I don’t need to know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work by fooling my mind into believing my problem is solved?
An interesting question. No, it’s quite the opposite, actually. It is your unconscious mind that is already fooled into creating the problem. The treatment returns your mind to the truth of it.
What is the difference between NLP/hypnotherapy and counselling?
Counselling, CBT, psychotherapy all work with your conscious mind. In all cases where a probem has persisted it is being created by the unconscious mind. This is where it can be fixed. NLP and hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind to isolate and then resolve the original cause.
Will working by video call be as effective as in person?
My training includes building rapport and an intuitive connection that works even when we are not together. So there is no loss of effectiveness. My voice, my focus and my intention is perfectly sufficient for what we need to achieve.
What if I can't be hypnotised?
Hypnosis is not the only tool I will use. But when it is used for healing purposes it is not the same as stage hypnosis. It’s more like a guided meditation in experience. It has much more power than a meditation but will feel just as pleasant and easy to follow. There’s no possibility of you being unable to just listen and relax.
Are NLP and hypnotherapy effective techniques?

There are two types of therapies. Those that are intended to help you manage your problem. This kind leaves you with the problem but helps you to cope better. 
The second type is intended to remove the problem for good. NLP, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques are therapies that remove your problem. No more battling every day with that issue.  These methods are fast and permanent.

How can we reach the unconscious mind? Is it even possible?
Yes, indeed. I have techniques for doing just that. You can leave all that in my hands. All you need to do is be willing. Willing to let go of the problem, willing to follow my guidance. Willing to accept it does work! Once we are connected with the UM we will use images, colours and feelings to communicate.

Remember, every one of my clients wondered if it would work! You can read their testimonials around the site.

Archie (8yrs) worried all day about being sick now his mum says… “At night when we chat he can seldom find anytime he’s been worried in the day.”

Update from Mum for Needle Phobia

Case Study – Rat Phobia

When I first met Angela she could not even speak about rats. 

A couple of days later I got a call from her. On the coming Saturday she was due to join a fund raising expedition to the Himalayas. However she had just been told by a colleague who had done the same trip that while camping on the slopes there are rodent-like creatures that would come into the tents at night! 

Angela was caught between a rock and a very hard place. She booked an emergency session with me for the next day. 

After only  90 minutes she accompanied me on a pre-arranged visit to the pet shop where she actually touched a rat! 

She was free to enjoy her climb.

Spider Phobia

Linda is a truly remarkable practitioner who not only asks the right questions but listens to the right answers. I love working with her and so will you.

Simon Walker


Public Speaking Phobia

Hi, I am Jianguo. I have had a public speaking phobia for decades. I read many relevant books and have seen a few psychologists. The phobia did not go away.

I was so lucky I met Linda. She dug very deeply into the phobia and figured out the approach that was just right for me. Now, after only 5 sessions, I’ve given a talk at a business meeting with three new faces. And I talked to them later, doing both very confidently.

I would never have been able to do this before our sessions. My boss told me my presence and speaking were amazing. Linda has lifted me out of that persistent public speaking phobia.

Janguo Yan

West Byfleet

Irrational Fear of Spending Money

Linda was really great, she has a lovely warm personality, she is very authentic and I felt very much at ease with her. She is an experienced, intuitive worker.

After we finished I felt a new sense of relief. The emotional attachment I had, the discomfort I felt was gone and I felt totally at ease. It has been several weeks since then and I still feel the same, that uncomfortable feeling is gone forever.

Linda is absolutely fantastic, she is very experienced and she gives 100% to every session. I would recommend her to anyone.

L.H. London

Needle Phobia

Health  Phobia

“It’s been life-changing. I now feel equipped to deal with life. After each session I could jump over a car!”

Catherine Hollins, Wigan

Spider  Phobia

“Most people with a spider Phobia think it’s part of them. Not possible to unpick that. But it absolutely is!

I had 40 years of suffering and now in 5 hours it’s gone!

Clare Doherty, Cockermouth

Medical Anxiety & Needle Phobia

If you know it’s time to get rid of this problem, that’s ruining your life, all you have to do is follow this step by step plan.

Step One: Book a FREE call so you can tell me about your problem and you can ask any questions.

Step Two: Schedule a FREE consultation. I only work with you if I believe I can help so in this appointment we will be going deeper into your problem.

Step Three: Book in for the Fast Phobia Therapy Programme and see your phobia gone once and for all.

Get Your Results!

What have you got to lose? 

With my methods you can get your results ….

  • Without being forced to face your fears – exposure therapy.

  • Even if other therapies have failed you before. 

  • And with a money back guarantee – if you don’t experience progress and some relief in the first session you can have a full refund. 

That’s how confident I am that we can be successful together!

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It couldn’t be easier to book a free phone chat where you can find out how I can help you and you can get answers to all your questions. 

And what will happen if you do nothing today? This time next month, next year, nothing will have changed. If you act now everything can change!

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